How it works

Client submits a request Client submits a request

Our clients are able to submit their requests through our integrated website, by phone or email. We collect … the minimum amount of information needed in order to calculate the most affordable option for you. On the first screen we will ask you to input the year, make and model of your vehicle (please email us if your vehicle is not on this list). Please mark whether the vehicle runs by marking yes or no.

Please keep in mind if the vehicle starts it doesn’t mean it runs, the vehicle has to start, move on its own power and break when needed. On the next screen we need to know the location of the vehicle and its destination and we ask this by inserting zip codes of both locations. We also ask the timing of this project and your comfort level. The options are being flexible, as soon as possible or a specific date. On the next step we will need your contact details, such as your name, email and phone number so that we can save this quote under your name.

We provide estimate We provide estimate

There are many factors to consider during the quotation process, and it may take some time. Our certified sales agents … will complete an internal application and consider all variables in order to provide you with the most accurate pricing. Distance is one of the factors that we consider when quoting you a price. The idea that the further away locations are from each other the more costly the transport will be is not always the case. We may have drivers heading to and from the same location as you and your transport won’t cost full price, but merely a fraction. Other factors may be the length of the vehicle and its condition, vehicle type and its height, vehicle ground clearance and curb weight and finally its running condition. All quotes we provide will have an option for an open transport or enclosed. Even though the insurance coverage for either option is the same, some customers prefer their vehicle to be covered or opened.

Service selection and contract Service selection and contract

Once our customer has reviewed all the options we have to offer a selection is made. It is at this point when we … collect all the necessary information for the transfer. Information like the timing of our appointment and exact location, confirm the vehicle condition and more. We add all of this exact information to the contract and send it to our customer. We put everything in writing so that there are never any misleading errors or miscommunication. We want our customer to feel safe and know that we are not going to make any changes or come up with hidden fees. Our agents are certified to provide excellent service and explain any points in the contract if assistance is required. Contracts could be signed manually or electronically, whatever is more convenient for our customer. Once signed and received the project is going to be scheduled immediately.

Pick Up Pick Up

During the agreed upon date a transportation vehicle will arrive at the specified time and the loading procedure … will begin. The driver will first inspect the floor of the hauler to make sure there isn’t anything loose that could potentially damage the vehicle. Driver will then drive or tow your vehicle on the dedicated space on the hauler, making sure it goes on in and out in a specific order. He will lower the stabilizer bars to ensure the weight is balanced for maximum reinforcement and security. Once your vehicle is on the hauler, the driver will secure it by adding straps to the from and rear of the vehicle. The vehicle will be inspected before the driver leaves and marks all imperfections on the vehicle and the customer will be informed of everything noticed. The driver will be testing the load on the straps with every stop he/she makes during the transport.

Delivery of the vehicle Delivery of the vehicle

Your vehicle will travel to other pick up locations and other delivery locations, but it most likely won’t be ... moved again until it gets to your final destination. At the drop off the driver will ask to meet you at a location that has plenty of space for him to turn around as well as load and unload other vehicles. Driver will remove the straps holding your vehicle and finalize the delivery report. Driver will then inspect the vehicle and provide a report to the customer. Driver will unload the vehicle and hand the keys at the final destination. If the vehicle was picked up from a commercial facility and there is information that has to be passed down, our driver will provide everything he/she has learned about the vehicle. Please allocate approximately an hour of your time for this step.